BDR & the Rockin’ Roll-Deo

BDR & the Rockin Roll-Deo

Your rewards/contribution is in support of a new project BDR & the Rockin Roll-Deo!!! Texas Hippie Coalition front man BIGDAD RITCH. As you know from listening to what BDR has done with the music of Texas Hippie Coalition, he is influenced heavily by the OUTLAWS of Country music. Such legends the likes of which include Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, & Willie Nelson. BDR tends to stick close to his roots & put out some good ol OUTLAW country music with story tellin style rooted in Red River Red Dirt fashion. This project is sure to be as big as the BIG TEXAN himself as he is out to prove he deserves the nickname the KING OF TEXAS (which we all know he gave to himself). The man that brought Cowboy hats back to Cain’s ballroom in Tulsa. The man that chose pearl snaps over baseball caps. A man that has a scar the size of a silver dollar on his right shoulder which he received from a mad bull after a 7second ride, or a gunshot wound from a mad Vaquero, depending on who he’s tellin or how many drinks he’s had. If you know the man, you know he will deliver – as he always does, as he always has. If you don’t know the man ask someone they will tell you “he’s a son of a” …


Howdy, BDR here. As a kid growin up I listened to everything & when I say everything, I mean everything: Sugar Hill Gang, ya hear me. I love Rock & Roll, as well as Heavy Metal. But when I was a young kid the ones I looked up to, the men I admired & aspired to be like one day were the OUTLAWS. Cash, Waylon, Willie, & even Kris Kristofferson. I may not be as pretty as Kris, but he & I both started off as doodle buggers from the great state of Texas.

I promise I will give this project my all. I will not disappoint nor let down anyone any of you not even myself.

Country music will never be the same. They can keep it country, I’m here to keep it Real… Real Country.


Rollin into your town in 2017

Thank you all



BDR & the Rockin Roll-Deo



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Also as a BIG BONUS a FaceTime call or phone call from the King of Texas