Party Posse


Join the Party Posse

The Official Texas Hippie Coalition Fan Club

How to join

Purchase your Party Posse membership here for $44.20. You can purchase your Party Posse membership and patches at the same time here.

Why you join

After purchasing membership, you will receive a Party Posse Tshirt, and a membership card with a free download. You will also receive a discount code to take 10% off future purchases in the online store.


After joining the Party Posse, you are automatically eligible to purchase official THC High & Mighty patch sets. These are strictly exclusive to Party Posse members and the ONLY way to get THC patches other than being patched in by Big Dad Ritch himself. After joining, you will receive an email detailing how to purchase your patches.

Patch Prices

Back set: $99.99 Front set: $9.99 with purchase of back set -OR- $10 each. Email for details and information.